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Unreal - the first First person shooter I played

UnrealSo after a few articles about Diablo, Diablo II and Diablo III (don’t worry I haven’t forgotten you and will come back with more info about the series later) it is time to write about another one of my favorite series of games.
Today I will be writing about the Unreal series and I will of course begin with the first of the games in the series - Unreal.
The game came out in 1998, about 6-7 months after Quake II hit the market.
The story of the game is quite simple and similar to other movies or games of the time and a bit before that - A ship of prisoners crashes on an uncharted planet named Na Pali which is a home to the native tribal humanoid-like creatures with four hands. They were enslaved by the Skaarj, who are reptilian humanoid race with quite the advanced technology. When the ship crashes on the planet, the Skaarj attack the ship and kill everyone. The only survivor is the player (Prisoner 849 or John Doe, anonymous person) who manages to find a weapon and fight his way out.
The player travels and discover different parts of the Na Pali’s surface and caves. He finds lost electronic journals of other humans and meets Nalis. The player finally reaches the Skaarj’s ship generator and manages to destroy them. Then he finds an escape pod and manages to escape the planet.
The single player is fun, but not nearly as fun as the multiplayer. This was my first multiplayer game and I must say that even though I didn’t even know how to move around, I was in love with the game. It had amazing graphics for the time and it kind of clicked with me right at the beginning. I can never forget my first kill with the most basic weapon one could have - the pistol and the blood splashing everywhere.
There are quite a few weapons in the game (9) and some of them have upgrades to make them stronger. Actually the pistol had 3 upgrades which made it in my opinion the strongest of them all after the sniper rifle. At some later point I will return back to write about the enemies and the weapons in the games and introduce you to some basic multiplayer tactics, but first I must replay this action game from the beginning and play it to its fullest, just to relive these magical moments.
Later I will write about the second game in the series - Unreal Tournament.