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Unreal II: The awakening

Unreal II: The awakeningThere is not much I can say about Unreal II: The awakening, but I will try to summarize what the game is about. First the reason I don’t like the game very much is because it was created as mainly single-player game and the multiplayer action game aspect were added because they “had to”, not because they wanted to put it in the game in first place.
The story departs a bit from the established timeline and is not exactly specified where the game stands in the series. It should be after the story of the original Unreal and Unreal: Return to NaPali games but it is not very specific on whether it is or not. I like to think that it is just a game that had to be done in order to continue the series, but it was not made to be the rightful successor of the first...Read more…

Unreal Tournament - the father of modern FPS multiplayer games

Unreal TournamentUnreal Tournament is the second game in the franchise of the Unreal games series, if you don’t count Unreal: Return to Na Pali as a separate game, but as a expansion.
In contrast to Unreal, Unreal Tournament is almost completely multiplayer game oriented. The single player campaign has almost no story behind it. You are a prisoner who has to fight in a tournament to get his freedom. It actually consists of few arenas where you fight continuously increasing in difficulty computer operated players (bots).
The real power of the game is the multiplayer where you can fight real players from all over the world in several game modes. The most ...Read more…

Unreal - the first First person shooter I played

Unreal - the first first person shooter I playedSo after a few articles about Diablo, Diablo II and Diablo III (don’t worry I haven’t forgotten you and will come back with more info about the series later) it is time to write about another one of my favorite series of games.
Today I will be writing about the Unreal series and I will of course begin with the first of the games in the series - Unreal.
The game came out in 1998, about 6-7 months after Quake II hit the market.
The story of the game is quite simple and similar to other movies or games of the time and a bit before that - A ship of prisoners crashes on an uncharted planet named Na Pali which is a home to the native tribal humanoid-like creatures with four hands. They were enslaved by the Skaarj, who are reptilian humanoid race with quite...Read more…

Doom 3 Resurrection of evil

If someone says that Doom is not a scary game, he is either lying or he is cheating his way...15th November 2145 – Research station of the Union Aerospace Corporation on Mars if fully destroyed after a “technical difficulty” during a top secret experiment. There was only one survivor.
1st May 2146 – Orbital space probe catches a faint unidentified signal, coming from the surface of the Red Planet, and more specifically the abandoned complex at Site 1. 8th August 2146 – Union Aerospace Corporation announces the renewal of the research program on Mars. Elizabeth McNeil is named as the leader of the expedition. She is an ex-coworker of Dr. Betruger, who went missing during the accident.
After an unidentified amount of time a group of marines goes to Mars on a new expedition, lead by your highness – you. There they discover an...Read more…