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Diablo - Where it all began

Diablo also offers a multiplayer mode with up to four players. Though as the game is so old, there is no support for...So in a few days now Diablo III will be released. But before we get to Diablo III let’s dig a bit in the series history.
It all started on December 31st 1996 when Blizzard Entertainment released the first game of the installment. It was one of the first of its kind and defined a whole separate category in the gaming genres - Hack’n’Slash role playing games, where you just point, click and kill the monsters.
The plot of the game is set in the fictional town of Tristram which is located in the world of Sanctuary. The hero arrives the town and must investigate the depths of the town’s Cathedral, where he must face the minions of the Lord of Terror - Diablo (after whom the game is named).
The hero must walk through 16 levels of dungeons under The Cathedral and then enter Hell itself to stand against one of the Prime Evils.
The game is pretty simple in nowadays standards. Non-pretentious graphics, a bit quirky controls and no running give the game hard time in comparison to modern games. Though this is if the game is compared to modern titles like Diablo III, Torchlight, Dungeon Siege, Titan Quest.
The game has its own charisma which makes it unique. The nostalgia also makes the game sound even more wonderful in a hardcore gamer’s ears. You can hardly describe the feeling of running the install program for the game and be greeted by Diablo himself, inviting you on the journey through hell. Then starting the game and you are greeted by the most important choice you must make in the game - which hero will you choose to fight against the forces of evil ?
You have the option to choose among three heroes - the Warrior, Rogue and Sorcerer.
The warrior is the standard close combat smashing hero. With his strong armor and big sword he whacks his way through the hordes of enemies in the depths of the Cathedral. He is very skilled with swords and fights mostly at close range. He can also carry a shield which protects him from some of the deadly blows he will receive through his journey. On the story side, the warrior is the main character in the game and the story revolves around him.
The rogue is another hero in the game. This is a female character and is very like to the rogue class in Dungeons and Dragons. Using the bow as a ranged weapon, she doesn’t carry much armor around and must be very swift in order to stay alive against the enemies. She is very well known from the second game - Diablo II - as she is one of the rogues, which you meet right at the start of the game.
The third class in Diablo is the Sorcerer - a magician, who relies on the magic powers which he obtained through lots of training and reading the old magic books. He is considered one of the most powerful characters in the game as he can beat Diablo in just a few shots if the character has been developed correctly.
All the heroes take part in the story, but I will not spoil it for you now! I will just say that all of them appear in Diablo II in one form or another.
Diablo also offers a multiplayer mode with up to four players. Though as the game is so old, there is no support for it against cheating techniques and that’s why it is better to play with friends. That way you can have tons of fun and also stay away from cheaters and hackers who use illegitimate means of enhancing their characters in the game.
So now you may ask how to play the game? Well after choosing your character, you dive right into the story. Just walk around a bit, talk to the people around town and do the quests they give you.
On your journey you will meet some very colorful characters like Deckard Cain (which you may have heard if you know something about the Diablo games), Griswold, Adria and so on, but there will be a separate post, describing their stories and what’s their story.

So this is for the introduction to the game. There will be some follow-up posts to introduce you to your skills, spells, enemies and some of the more interesting items in the game.

Btw it is sad that you can no longer buy the game from Blizzard, but you can find it in some online stores like Amazon or eBay. It should be cheap and it is worth checking out, even though it is old ( 16 years in 7-8 months) ! The game has it’s own charisma that will make you want to play through it!