Free time

Time Management Games are games in which you have to do a certain job or perform tasks within a given timeframe. There are many websites where you will find online Time Management games. They could be demo versions or full stand alone versions. If you get bored with these games you can always play some Puzzle or Coloring games, and why not try some Barbie games – girl games about dress-ups, make up or hairstyles. When you get tired of playing you could listen to some Classical music online or tune into a local radio station. Have fun!

Time Management games – what is that?

You have probably tried at least some of the innumerous online games of different categories. They provide users with a way to fill in their free time and to you they offer so many various genres like action, sports contests, arcades, strategy and logical games.

One of the most popular categories today is the so called Time Management games. With these games you start working at the moment and you can enter into the role of a shop assistant, a hotel chain owner or even a gas station worker.

There is really great variety of time management games for Android devices and iPhone, and the good thing about them is that you can play them directly on the site where they are offered. They are even more popular as flash or online games. You choose the title that you like and prefer, click on it and...

Cake Mania

Cake Mania - Time Management gamesCake Mania is one of the classic Time Management games. In it you help Jill rebuild her grandparents’ bakery. As in all free online time management games here you have to earn a certain amount of money within designated timeframe. As the title suggests you have to prepare cakes. The first levels are as usual easier but as you progress you get more options for decorations, more customers and higher goals to score.
The game is very enjoyable, it’s not too easy, but it’s not impossible to complete either. Some levels you might have to play more than once in order to get more money or to achieve the needed...Read more…