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Diablo III - the long awaited sequel to the Diablo series

Diablo III - the long awaited sequel to the Diablo seriesSo after saying some words about the original two Diablo games, the time has come to give a quick information on the third game - Diablo III.
Released on 15th of May 2012, the game comes as direct sequel to Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (the expansion pack). The story continues some 20 years after the events at Mount Arreat and the destruction of the Worldstone. This time you must face the remaining lords of hell - Belial, Azmodan.
A quick overview of the story would be that something burning falls from the sky and hits the Tristram cathedral (the same one from Diablo I) and our hero arrives to investigate. We are quickly presented with the information that our favorite Deckard Cain is or was still alive and we are on our quest to find out what happened to him. When you find Cain, you must continue your journey to find what exactly is the Fallen star. The hero descends the Cathedral and finds a person, who lost his memory. Cain sends us on a journey to help this person recover his memory. When we finish the quest, we discover that this actually was Tyriel and the story continues in more and more plot twists. I won’t tell you what happens next, you have to play the game for yourself in order to experience it first hand.
The third game in the series is a serious upgrade on the previous two. The graphics have been updated on a whole new level. The gameplay has been modified a bit - you no longer have stat points or skill points to assign to your character. Instead the stat points are automatically assigned as you level up and the skills unlock at a certain level. You can change them anytime you want. The runes have been removed from their last purpose - runewords on items and have been moved as skill modifiers, where you can choose a single rune per skill to gain a certain bonus on the skill you use.
The classes are a bit different from the previous game too. I will compare them to Diablo II’s classes. So we have a Barbarian (story wise this is the same barbarian from Diablo II), Demon Hunter (combination of Amazon’s bow skills and Assassin’s trap skills), Monk (paladin healing and Assassin’s combat skills), Wizzard and Witch Doctor (combination of Necromancer and Druid). The cool thing here is that you can choose the gender of your hero, unlike other action games or role playing games.
The gameplay itself is very similar to the previous games in the series - click at a monster, kill monster, gather loot, sell/upgrade, kill bigger monsters and so on.
Diablo III offers 4 difficulty settings - Normal, Nightmare, Hell (as in previous games) and Inferno. Inferno is the new difficulty here and it is at least twice as hard as Hell.
We again have two types of characters - softcore and hardcore. Mentioning Hardcore characters, I cannot continue without paying my respects to Kripp and Krippi who on 19th of June 2012 managed to kill Diablo on Hardcore Inferno, which is quite the achievement, considering that it was done right before Blizzard patched the game to introduce some nerfs to Inferno in order to making it less difficult for most people who hit a brick wall in the second difficulty.
As for items - now the gold is quite valuable, in comparison to Diablo II and the items are quite changed from the Diablo II days. Now Rares are quite better than the old Uniques (Legendaries now). Sadly the drop rates are quite low and you have to farm quite a lot to get some. At times the game can feel a bit like a time management games where you just have to click at things as fast as you can in order to kill some pesky treasure goblins who run around your screen like little NASCAR cars! Of course the chase is worth it most of the time as they drop quite good loot you can use for upgrade or trade on the Auction house.
But in the end the game is quite fun to play. I will play it at least until I manage to kill Diablo on Hardcore Inferno, which wouldn’t be that soon.