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While reading game reviews on Games Only you can also have some fun. Why don’t you play an online game of your choice? You don’t need to download or install any additional software. All Online Games are played in your Web Browser. If you are in the mood for some music listen to Online Radio by selecting a station from the collection of Live Internet Radio. Enjoy Jazz radio online, Classic rock radio or one of the many Classical Music stations. Have a great time with your favorite music.

Fun online games

Barbie games onlineIn a boring afternoon, in a rainy weather or when it is just another of those gray days, you do not need anything else but a computer by your side. Yes, Internet offers a wide variety of websites these days, as well as social networks, and so many places where we can spend our free time. However, sometimes even these places are not interesting for us. There are days when we want to make something absolutely different, when we do not want to watch just another movie, listen to music or spend our time in a dating site. Then online games are coming to help.
Besides that there are quite many sites that offer different games, in some social networks, the users have the opportunity to have fun in such a way. Either way, online games are interesting or different everywhere, classified...Read more…

The World of Barbie Doll

Barbie has become the star of several films...With the help of computer animation, Barbie has become the star of several films, including “Barbie in the Nutcracker”, “Barbie as Rapunzel”, “Barbie from the Swan Lake” and “Barbie as the princess and the poor girl”. And also Barbie stakes on its popularity and in internet with the popular Barbie games that allow girls to change her hair, make-up and the whole appearance.
In the late nineties is the boom of computer technology and in 1996 Mattel created, the official Barbie website. In 1998 “My Design” was introduced into the site, which allows girls and collectors to decide how is their friend, the Barbie doll, going to look like when they can choose...Read more…

The games as a part of our everyday life

Make-up games are extraordinary helpers in her everyday life.We can talk about mythology and semiotics all day long and their impact on computer and video games, but in this article we will pay more attention to our “alternate self” – our avatar that lives its own life and by doing so, it directly satisfies our emotional needs. This happens not only to men but also to women. Of course, on a large scale of emotional breakthrough we can distinguish the differences between "masculine" and "feminine" games, but nowadays the boundaries are a blur. Today we can see an elegant lady in business attire that likes to play Counter Strike in the evening over a couple of beers with the peers. Also we can see a man who feeds and cleans after his pink virtual ....

What do online games do to us? Are they helpful or are they dangerous?

Game of Thrones - Strategy gamesIn this article we will look at a several game types - puzzles, racing games and strategy games in particular.


These are probably the best games for kids and adults, because they contribute greatly for the development of our analytical thinking. Online flash puzzles can be extremely useful for both – children and adults. The results are astonishing. After the first few weeks, only, the human brain will have better concentration and will be more...Read more…


Online games, fun for all

Video gameThe times when Internet games were taboo for adults are long gone. Traditional leisure activities took a step back and made way for technology. About ten years ago, the market was flooded with a wave of video games. The kids were ready to behave nicely and obediently to get the dream Nintendo. Children were fascinated with the small and courageous Mario who always saved the abducted princess. Batman and Superman fought villains and the cute blue hedgehog Sonic collected gold coins. Video games quickly captured the imagination of young and old alike. You will find loads of fun games on You will meet your old friends there and make some new ones as well. Among the categories featured on the site are Time Management Games, Cooking games and many more.
Over the years video games were slightly forgotten. But the Internet gave them a new life.
According to many adults video games are just Read more…