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The games on Facebook are usually flash based and are played online. In order to play online games for free you don’t need to download any additional software. You will find flash games on the Free Games Online website. There you will find Time Management online games, Free hidden object games, Cooking Games, Puzzle Games and more. When you get tired of playing you can visit Live Internet Radio where you can listen to Rock/ Blues radios online, Dance music radios or stations broadcasting News and Sports.

Mystery Manor II

So Mystery Manor is a perfect game for those who..Now to the social aspect of Mystery Manor. Like all games on Facebook you have to add friends to play with you. Unlike most other games this is not absolutely essential. Yes, you need at least a couple of friends in order to ask them for certain items needed to charge collections but the best thing here is that you don’t need a given number of neighbors to progress through the levels. Of course the more neighbors you have the better, but again you can do fairly well with just three or four friends who play.
The main difference between this game and all the other downloadable and online hidden object games is that here you charge collections of items and get certain charms, coins, artifacts and experience points as a reward.
Another feature available only in this game are the numerous creatures you can trade with. These vary from the gypsies and snatchins to aliens, warriors and special event creatures like the Easter Bunny, the Lifeguards and the Football fans. You can also banish monsters like skeletons, vampires, zombies, mummies and etc. All the creatures drop collectables or items needed to charge collections as well as experience points and coins. They are graphically exquisite and it’s a lot of fun to chase and catch them. The best thing about the social aspect of this game is that you don’t have to spam all over your facebook friends’ newsfeeds in order to get needed objects or help for quests. You ask for and send gifts internally through the game itself and there is an option allowing you to ban the application from posting on your timeline. This is the main reason I still stick with the game. I stopped playing all other games I used to play on Facebook because they were becoming rather greedy and were posting messages in my friends’ feeds about every single action I took.
So Mystery Manor is a perfect game for those who wish to play with a few friends and not having their coworkers, boss or acquaintances know they are wasting their time playing on Facebook instead of working or studying.