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Simulation games are games, which simulate a process or activity from the real world. They are a computer model of an everyday activity where the player is the manager and runs everything – from the life of the elephant in a zoo to trading transactions and the complete management of a human life. In the Time Management category at Free Games Online you can play the free online versions of many games for children absolutely free of charge. You don’t need to download software. When you get tired of the games you can relax while listening to Live Internet Radio. There you will find various stations like Jazz radio online, Heavy Metal radio online or one of the many Classical Music stations. Have fun.

Little Folk of Faery

Play Little Folk of Faery gameLittle Folk of Faery is a simulation game in which you are in charge of rebuilding a fairy village. Generally it is similar to other games of this genre like Virtual Villages and Gemini Lost. You have villagers with different aptitude and places on the map where they can improve their skills and learn new ones. You have to set your folk to various tasks around the map in order to complete quests. There are also secondary quests from which you gain Enchantment points to buy performance enhancements.
As in every game of this type there are evil creatures scaring your villagers and upsetting their work. Here the bad guys are the Wistful Spirits who roam around areas on the map and depress the villagers with their talk. These evil spirits can be distracted by your musicians and generally are not as annoying as for example the orange masks in Virtual Villagers.
The gameplay is pretty much like the other games of this type but what sets Little Folk of Faery apart are the graphics.
Little Folk of Faery is an enjoyable, laid-back game with beautifully rendered setting and characters.