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Cooking Show Series

Games Cooking ShowToday we present the Cooking Show game series. These games are a crossover between the cooking and simulation genre. Each of the Cooking Show games follows the preparation of a certain meal. Once you start you are given instruction for every step of the cooking process and have to follow it as quickly as possible. If you can’t manage to complete the task fast enough you lose points.
The great thing about this series is that the recipes are very detailed – you have to literally cut mushrooms, onions and other vegetables; add salt, oil and spices – and can be used as real life recipes to prepare the dish in question.
The game series features delicious meals such as lasagna, Russian salad, sushi rolls, breadrolls, pancakes and many more.
What is great here is that after you finish playing you can just go into your kitchen and following the instructions from the game you can prepare the dish for real.
The Cooking Show series are not only a fun gaming experience but a cool educational tool as well.
If you like cooking games you should definitely give them a try… and then get to real cooking!