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Mystery Manor Part I

Mystery Manor is a Facebook gameMystery Manor is a Facebook game. It’s been available for more than a year now and I have been playing it almost since the beginning. I have to admit it is probably the only game on Facebook that has kept me as a player for such a long time.
It is basically a classic hidden object game with some extra features like completing collections of objects, trading with creatures, visiting your friends’ manors, and completing quests.
One of the best things about this game is the graphics. The creators have really managed to give the game a mysterious atmosphere by designing a manor clearly set in the present but with retro elements reminding...Read more…

Diablo - Where it all began

So in a few days now Diablo III will be released. But before we get to DiabloSo in a few days now Diablo III will be released. But before we get to Diablo III let’s dig a bit in the series history.
It all started on December 31st 1996 when Blizzard Entertainment released the first game of the installment. It was one of the first of its kind and defined a whole separate category in the gaming genres - Hack’n’Slash role playing games, where you just point, click and kill the monsters.
The plot of the game is set in the fictional town of Tristram which is located in the world of Sanctuary. The hero arrives the town and must investigate the depths of the town’s Cathedral, where he must face the minions of the Lord of Terror - Diablo (after whom the game is named).
The hero must walk through 16 levels of dungeons under The Cathedral and then enter Hell itself to stand against one of the Prime Evils.
The game is pretty simple in nowadays standards. Non-pretentious graphics, a bit quirky controls and no running give the game hard time in...Read more…

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