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Unreal Tournament - the father of modern FPS multiplayer games

Unreal TournamentUnreal Tournament is the second game in the franchise of the Unreal games series, if you don’t count Unreal: Return to Na Pali as a separate game, but as a expansion.
In contrast to Unreal, Unreal Tournament is almost completely multiplayer game oriented. The single player campaign has almost no story behind it. You are a prisoner who has to fight in a tournament to get his freedom. It actually consists of few arenas where you fight continuously increasing in difficulty computer operated players (bots).
The real power of the game is the multiplayer where you can fight real players from all over the world in several game modes. The most ...Read more…

Cake Mania

Cake Mania - Time Management gamesCake Mania is one of the classic Time Management games. In it you help Jill rebuild her grandparents’ bakery. As in all free online time management games here you have to earn a certain amount of money within designated timeframe. As the title suggests you have to prepare cakes. The first levels are as usual easier but as you progress you get more options for decorations, more customers and higher goals to score.
The game is very enjoyable, it’s not too easy, but it’s not impossible to complete either. Some levels you might have to play more than once in order to get more money or to achieve the needed...Read more…

Unreal - the first First person shooter I played

Unreal - the first first person shooter I playedSo after a few articles about Diablo, Diablo II and Diablo III (don’t worry I haven’t forgotten you and will come back with more info about the series later) it is time to write about another one of my favorite series of games.
Today I will be writing about the Unreal series and I will of course begin with the first of the games in the series - Unreal.
The game came out in 1998, about 6-7 months after Quake II hit the market.
The story of the game is quite simple and similar to other movies or games of the time and a bit before that - A ship of prisoners crashes on an uncharted planet named Na Pali which is a home to the native tribal humanoid-like creatures with four hands. They were enslaved by the Skaarj, who are reptilian humanoid race with quite...Read more…

Diablo III - the long awaited sequel to the Diablo series

Diablo IIISo after saying some words about the original two Diablo games, the time has come to give a quick information on the third game - Diablo III.
Released on 15th of May 2012, the game comes as direct sequel to Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (the expansion pack). The story continues some 20 years after the events at Mount Arreat and the destruction of the Worldstone. This time you must face the remaining lords of hell - Belial, Azmodan.
A quick overview of the story would be that something burning falls from the sky and hits the Tristram cathedral (the same one from Diablo I) and our hero arrives to investigate. We are quickly presented with the information that our favorite Deckard Cain is or was still alive and...Read more…

Mystery Manor II

Now to the social aspect of Mystery ManorNow to the social aspect of Mystery Manor. Like all games on Facebook you have to add friends to play with you. Unlike most other games this is not absolutely essential. Yes, you need at least a couple of friends in order to ask them for certain items needed to charge collections but the best thing here is that you don’t need a given number of neighbors to progress through the levels. Of course the more neighbors you have the better, but again you can do fairly well with just three or four friends who play.
The main difference between this game and all the other downloadable and online hidden object games is that here you charge collections of items and...Read more…

Diablo 2 - what improved over the original Diablo game

Diablo 2 - what improved over the original Diablo gameSo after writing about the first Diablo game and before dwelling deeper in the characteristics of items, enemies, quests and so on, let me drop a few notes about how Diablo II improved over the original Diablo game and a quick overview of the story.
First the story - It is settled a bit after the events of Diablo, may be a month-two or so. The Warrior hero has become the Dark Wanderer after he nicks Diablo’s soulstone right in his forehead. He becomes more and more obsessed and at some point Diablo seizes the control over the warrior’s body. Diablo’s objective is to reunite with his brothers - the other two Prime Evils - Mephisto - the Lord of Hatred and Baal - the Lord of Destruction (after whom the Expansion pack is named, but I will get into that in a moment). The wanderer travels through Tristram and to Lut Gholein in order to rescue his youngest brother Baal, who has been imprisoned in the tomb of Tal Rasha. So now...Read more…

Doom 3 Resurrection of evil

If someone says that Doom is not a scary game, he is either lying or he is cheating his way...15th November 2145 – Research station of the Union Aerospace Corporation on Mars if fully destroyed after a “technical difficulty” during a top secret experiment. There was only one survivor.
1st May 2146 – Orbital space probe catches a faint unidentified signal, coming from the surface of the Red Planet, and more specifically the abandoned complex at Site 1. 8th August 2146 – Union Aerospace Corporation announces the renewal of the research program on Mars. Elizabeth McNeil is named as the leader of the expedition. She is an ex-coworker of Dr. Betruger, who went missing during the accident.
After an unidentified amount of time a group of marines goes to Mars on a new expedition, lead by your highness – you. There they discover an...Read more…

Little Folk of Faery

Simulation game Little Folk of FaeryLittle Folk of Faery is a simulation game in which you are in charge of rebuilding a fairy village. Generally it is similar to other games of this genre like Virtual Villages and Gemini Lost. You have villagers with different aptitude and places on the map where they can improve their skills and learn new ones. You have to set your folk to various tasks around the map in order to complete quests. There are also secondary quests from which you gain Enchantment points to buy performance enhancements.
As in every game of this type there are evil creatures scaring your villagers and upsetting their work. Here the bad guys are the Wistful Spirits who...Read more…

Mystery Manor Part I

Mystery Manor is a Facebook gameMystery Manor is a Facebook game. It’s been available for more than a year now and I have been playing it almost since the beginning. I have to admit it is probably the only game on Facebook that has kept me as a player for such a long time.
It is basically a classic hidden object game with some extra features like completing collections of objects, trading with creatures, visiting your friends’ manors, and completing quests.
One of the best things about this game is the graphics. The creators have really managed to give the game a mysterious atmosphere by designing a manor clearly set in the present but with retro elements reminding...Read more…

Diablo - Where it all began

So in a few days now Diablo III will be released. But before we get to DiabloSo in a few days now Diablo III will be released. But before we get to Diablo III let’s dig a bit in the series history.
It all started on December 31st 1996 when Blizzard Entertainment released the first game of the installment. It was one of the first of its kind and defined a whole separate category in the gaming genres - Hack’n’Slash role playing games, where you just point, click and kill the monsters.
The plot of the game is set in the fictional town of Tristram which is located in the world of Sanctuary. The hero arrives the town and must investigate the depths of the town’s Cathedral, where he must face the minions of the Lord of Terror - Diablo (after whom the game is named).
The hero must walk through 16 levels of dungeons under The Cathedral and then enter Hell itself to stand against one of the Prime Evils.
The game is pretty simple in nowadays standards. Non-pretentious graphics, a bit quirky controls and no running give the game hard time in...Read more…

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