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Doom 3 Resurrection of evil

Doom 3 review15th November 2145 – Research station of the Union Aerospace Corporation on Mars if fully destroyed after a “technical difficulty” during a top secret experiment. There was only one survivor.
1st May 2146 – Orbital space probe catches a faint unidentified signal, coming from the surface of the Red Planet, and more specifically the abandoned complex at Site 1. 8th August 2146 – Union Aerospace Corporation announces the renewal of the research program on Mars. Elizabeth McNeil is named as the leader of the expedition. She is an ex-coworker of Dr. Betruger, who went missing during the accident.

After an unidentified amount of time a group of marines goes to Mars on a new expedition, lead by your highness – you. There they discover an abandoned and sealed temple of an ancient alien race, located deep under the planet’s surface. On a pedestal in one of the ends of the temple, levitating in the air, is a strange alien artifact. Controlled by the almighty human curiosity our guy takes the artifact in hands and for his own infortune opens a new portal to hell. The turned in the original game as a demon, Dr. Bertruger orders his minions to enter the portal at the research station again.

This is the basic storyline and who needs more. This is Doom after all – after just a minute of play time you find your first shotgun, and after three more you get your first automatic rifle. And after that, the action is at full power. To get rid of you and to get the mysterious artifact, which by the way is the only thing that can close the portal to hell, Bertruger sends his three special demons after you. They are named The Hunters in the ancient Martian journals. Every each one of them has a special ability which you take after killing them and then you can use it through the artifact. The powers are Hell Time (slow speed for your enemies), Berserk (you kill all the enemies with just a slap on the cheek) and Invulnerability (well guess, you can’t die). The voice that will give you orders and guide you on the intercom isn’t your sergeant anymore, because he is lying dead in his office. Now the chief of the operation – Dr. McNeil, will guide you and she miraculously manages to get to the very end and you may say that she survives together with you.
Not quite an innovative story, right? But the game is not just about the story. What the game bets on is the feeling of fear. 

If someone says that Doom is not a scary game, he is either lying or he is cheating his way through the game. Though while playing I felt that the developers are trying to scare you like a child - a demon jumps right behind you and screams like hell (he-he). It’s just like a joke on id’s end after games like Silent Hill 4 and The Suffering. Now I give it to them and if I was really there in this environment of real demons I would definitely fill the back of my pants. But to achieve such effect you need something more than opening panels on the walls, from where tiny devils jump out, like they were sealed there for thousands of years, waiting for the invasion to begin and take them out of their four-walled temple of boredom.