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The games as a part of our everyday life

Make-up games at Lolygames.comWe can talk about mythology and semiotics all day long and their impact on computer and video games, but in this article we will pay more attention to our “alternate self” – our avatar that lives its own life and by doing so, it directly satisfies our emotional needs. This happens not only to men but also to women. Of course, on a large scale of emotional breakthrough we can distinguish the differences between "masculine" and "feminine" games, but nowadays the boundaries are a blur. Today we can see an elegant lady in business attire that likes to play Counter Strike in the evening over a couple of beers with the peers. Also we can see a man who feeds and cleans after his pink virtual pet.

To what extent do games reflect our real life?

Actually they are a direct reflection of our reality (more like an alternation) but in addition capture and virtually materialize our dreams and desires. In the games we can be what we imagine we could be, but cannot manifest in real life.

So, are these games useful then?

Any woman who has played online cooking and make-up games and make-up can admit that these games are extraordinary helpers in her everyday life. We learn great things such as cooking recipes, ideas for make-up, clothing design, fashion and so many other things.
 As a woman I can say that I have learned how to experiment in my every day clothing style, hair and make-up, and I am now much more confident in the kitchen.
Without the need to emphasize different types of games separately, I can conclude that these games can be a very positive influence on us, as we regain our emotional balance; we become more sociable and creative. Unlike the primary accusations that the games do not lead to anything good, but addiction and craziness, after years of experience and analysis in the field of communication, my conclusions are that these games can have a very positive influence on us.

What are the risks?

Of course, there is nothing in this world that is only healthy. But everything we do can be healthy if we do it with the necessary precautions.  No matter what games you play, whether it's cooking, hairstyle & makeup, weather you logged in with your avatar in the virtual mall or checking out the latest fashion trends, you should consider a few things:
First music eliminates our rational thinking. That way we become an easy target for commercials and propaganda. Manipulation is the secret weapon hidden in-game advertising. There are plenty of NLP experts who do their best to eliminate the thinking part of our consciousness. When playing the game, press the "mute" button so you turn off any sound. You will see for yourself that the game is much more enjoyable this way.
Second: Play the games but do not let your virtual world conquer over your real world, to the extent that you lose track of reality. This can be prevented very easily by setting up a time schedule - for example, if you can afford to play only 1 hour a day, then write that down and always turn your computer off or leave the room, close the button, do whatever you can to turn the game off when the time is up. You will see that this method works flawlessly.