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What do online games do to us? Are they helpful or are they dangerous?

Lord of the RingsIn this article we will look at a several game types - puzzles, racing games and strategy games in particular.


These are probably the best games for kids and adults, because they contribute greatly for the development of our analytical thinking. Online flash puzzles can be extremely useful for both – children and adults. The results are astonishing. After the first few weeks, only, the human brain will have better concentration and will be more flexible during the decision making process, especially after devoting a sufficient amount of time to these particular games.

Racing games

Every game with some sort of competition or racing fits in this category. The most popular one is, of course, Need for Speed. According to many professionals these games develop quick reflexes, analytical, and strategic thinking. The better you become and the higher level you reach the better your reflexes develop, as well as your analytical thinking. It is a well-known fact that these games are inspired by simulators for professional drivers, pilots, and others. Need For Speed has a huge success, not only because it is interesting, but because it is inspired by real-life situations.
Of course, in playing these games there is some risk, especially in terms of their impact on our confidence. There are people who are much more confident, a lot more than necessary, and it is possible for them to act a little more loose in real life. They often think that their reactions will be the same, just like in the game, but often it turns out that this is not very much so. For this reason, people who are vulnerable and have affinities for extreme sports and always seek excitement, these games must be played with more precautions.

Strategy games

Chess and card games are the most popular strategy games in the past, but there are many more varieties that really make us grow some more brain cells. It is safe to conclude that strategy games have almost no side effects. Rather, they help us make better decisions in life and be more efficient with our daily -routine.  It has been shown that they increase our IQ and they certainly have a great impact on the brain development of children. If your child wants to play this type of games, you should definitely allow it. Of course, nothing is safe when it is “overdosed”. You must be strict, as a parent and manage your children’s time schedule. Assuming that we are all children, approaching yourself the same way might do you some good as well, especially if you find your passion for strategy games much greater than your effort to do something more mature and useful.