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While reading game reviews on Games Only you can also have some fun. Why don’t you play an online game of your choice? You don’t need to download or install any additional software. All Online Games are played in your Web Browser. If you are in the mood for some music listen to Online Radio by selecting a station from the collection of Live Internet Radio. Enjoy Jazz radio online, Classic rock radio or one of the many Classical Music stations. Have a great time with your favorite music.

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The hidden object gameThe times when Internet games were taboo for adults are long gone. Traditional leisure activities took a step back and made way for technology. About ten years ago, the market was flooded with a wave of video games. The kids were ready to behave nicely and obediently to get the dream Nintendo. Children were fascinated with the small and courageous Mario who always saved the abducted princess. Batman and Superman fought villains and the cute blue hedgehog Sonic collected gold coins. Video games quickly captured the imagination of young and old alike. You will find loads of fun games on You will meet your old friends there and make some new ones as well. Among the categories featured on the site are Time Management Games, Cooking games and many more.
Over the years video games were slightly forgotten. But the Internet gave them a new life.
According to many adults video games are just a waste of time. They would never be able to understand why children spend ages staring at the computer screen. For the young explorers online entertainment is a good option to enter a new magical world. In the past it was very difficult to find a game, which met all our requirements. The advent of the Internet combined with human imagination led to the creation loads of exciting new video games. Now we have online coloring games, for example, which are a great way for kids to develop their coloring skills without making a mess. Extremely popular are also the cooking and dress-up games. In today's mundane and boring world children need a place where they can fantasize freely. Girls enjoy make up and hairstyle games. The young ones can also try their hand at different jobs in the safety of their own home with Time Management games. Game developers haven’t forgotten boys – they can enjoy all sorts of racing and action games. Everyone can improve their observation skills, focus and logic by playing Hidden Object games.
Computer games are not only for little kids; everyone can enjoy them. You can also relax with them after a long and stressful day at work. Women can also have fun with dress-up games – admit it, ladies, females of all ages love exploring closets for gowns, suits and most of all shoes. Men can step in the shoes of an action hero or a soldier and fight the enemy army or even alien invaders. Online games are great fun. Thanks to the Internet they are accessible to all. All you need is a computer and Internet connection. Just do a little search and start having fun.