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Unreal Tournament - the father of modern FPS multiplayer games

Unreal Tournament - the father of modern FPS multiplayer gamesUnreal Tournament is the second game in the franchise of the Unreal games series, if you don’t count Unreal: Return to Na Pali as a separate game, but as a expansion.
In contrast to Unreal, Unreal Tournament is almost completely multiplayer game oriented. The single player campaign has almost no story behind it. You are a prisoner who has to fight in a tournament to get his freedom. It actually consists of few arenas where you fight continuously increasing in difficulty computer operated players (bots).
The real power of the game is the multiplayer where you can fight real players from all over the world in several game modes. The most commonly played ones are Death Match, Capture the Flag, Domination and Last Man Standing. Each with its own set of rules - in capture the flag you have to take the enemy flag and capture it in your base; in domination you have to keep control of few critical points on the map for predefined time; for last man standing you are fully loaded with all the weapons and ammo you can carry and you fight to the death, kills don’t matter as much as staying alive until the end. Of course all of the game modes have one thing in common - highly dynamic, fast paced, first person action gameplay. If you prefer slower games like strategy games or RPG games, Unreal Tournament is not for you. This game is like playing Countrer-Strike, Battle Field or Call of Duty .. but twice as fast and on steroids. You need to be very quick and precise in aiming for the enemy.
The maps you play on are created in the old school way of making games and level design - they are just that good. They are well thought and have many places where you can just have fun and fire at someone without having to chase them for several minutes through tiny corridors, submarines, planes, space stations and such. You just join the game, run around, kill everything that moves and that’s it - you just have fun :)
So if you like the fast paced action games you must definitely try out Unreal Tournament. It defines its own genre of games which sadly the new games can never even compare to!